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Constructive feedback plays a vital roles in an individual,pastors, managers, parents e.t.c. The work culture now demand each categories mentioned above to lead the work force by adopting numerous roles as a leader, mentor, motivator at the same time.
feedback play a vital role in ensuring an efficient work culture. it help to build people’s confident.
however, delivery constructive feedback is not as smooth as a hot knife through butter. there’s a very thin line that separate feedback from from criticism and that what mess up most people.
I present to you a feedback sample.
Bob Hoover, a famous test pilot and frequent performer at air shows, was returning to his home in Los Angeles from an air show in San Diego. As describe in the magazine Flight Operations, at three hundred feet in the air, both engine suddenly stopped. By deft maneuvering he managed to land the plane ,but it was bad damaged although nobody was hurt.
Hoover’s first act after the emergency landing was to inspect the airplane’s fuel. Just as he suspected, the world war II propeller plane he had been flying had been fueled with jet rather than gasoline.Upon returning to the airport, he asked to see the mechanic who had serviced his airplane. the yound man was sick with the agony of his mistake. Tears streamed down his face as Hoover approached. He had just caused the loss of a very expensive plane and could have caused the loss of three live as well.
You can imagine Hoover’s anger. One could anticipate the tongue-lashing for that carelessness. But Hoover didn’t scold the mechanic; he didn’t even criticize him . Instead, he put his big arm around the man’s shoulder and said,” To show you i’m sure that you’ll never do this again, i want you to service my F-15 tomorrow.
i believe so much that this mechanic will always be careful and detailed in his work because of this feedback. people like Hoover are rare. let try to understand them. That’s a lot more profitable and intriguing than criticism.

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  1. Oluwaseyi

    Wow I learnt a lot from this… we need to be constructive in all areas of our life

  2. Oluwaseyi

    I wish CEO’s and bosses should learn from this

  3. Temitope

    Such a nice piece

  4. S.O Chukwuma

    Nice write up filled with applicable nuggets.

  5. S.O Chukwuma

    Nice write-up filled with applicable nuggets.

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