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When I became a cashier/customer service agent; I noticed everywhere appeared to be bored with the job-weighing product, making change, scanning products, issuing receipts to customers, the same monotonous grind year after year. So I said to myself; “I’ am going to make everybody like me. Obviously, to make them like me I must be nice, not about myself, but him”. So I asked myself when a client is about to pay to me, What is this about him that I can honestly admire? That is sometimes a hard question to answer, especially with strangers. But in this case, it happens to be easy. I constantly saw something I admired no end.

So when I was scanning the products, I remarked with enthusiasm: “I certainly wish I had your shirt, some could be head of hair”.

He looked up his face beaming with a smile. “well he was like wow… thank you so much, however, it isn’t as good as is used to be”, he said modestly, nevertheless, it still looks magnificent; He was immensely pleased. We carry on a pleasant little conversation.

I’II assure you that person went out to lunch that day walking on air. I’II bet you he went home that night and told his wife. I’II assure you that he looked in the mirror and said “it is a beautiful shirt or beautiful head of hair.

I told my colleague this story once and she asked me: what did you want to get out of him!!!

If we are so contemptibly selfish that we can’t radiate a little happiness and pass a bit of honest appreciation without trying to get something out of the other person in return-if our soul are no bigger than sour crab apple, we shall meet with the failure we so richly deserve.

Oh yes, I did want something out of this chap, I wanted something priceless. And I got it, I got the feeling that I had done something for him without his being able to do anything whatever in return for me.

That is the feeling that flows and sings in your memory long after the incident is past.

There is one all-important law of human conduct if we obey that law, We shall rarely get into trouble. That law, if obeyed, will bring us countless friends and constant happiness, but the very instant we break the law, we shall get into endless trouble. Always make the other person feel important.

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  1. Attivi Samuel Cyprian

    Very nice writeup, i have had experiences based on this and whenever i get to appreciate people, sometimes they will let you how you flatter them or “whine” has it’s the usual word we get to use. Making people like us is very easy, in as much we don’t go beyond our way, in other for them not to think we want something in return.

  2. Seyi Mikel

    Wow this is highly inspiring and a educational experience.

  3. Adeyinka Edun

    I’m really touched by this write-up, keep it up my brother am with you.

  4. Ojumu okikiola joseph

    I like this approach…its superb
    More grease to your elbow.. Bro

  5. Praiz

    Nice one, I’ve got something to night..

  6. Captain pius

    Nice write-up,so inspiring and great ideas my man. I always trust your point because of the reality you normally say,more Grace.

  7. Ebinum Catherine


  8. I do believe that might work for some people but not for everyone.

  9. That is a very nice gesture that you did and it shows how one nice comment can make somebodies day. However I think whilst it is important to be nice to people, you should not have to try so hard to get people to like you. Be yourself and that should be enough.

    • Chukwumerije

      No need of forcing yourself on them, after this action you show to them, they will want to come to you if the have a problem. It starts.

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